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Erica Paynter

I help business owners get back to doing what they love most without having to spend treacherous hours bookkeeping. I keep timely and accurate books, all while ensuring a favorable return on their investment. 

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About you

You are a busy owner of an established business who is passionate about your business, but also enjoys time away to regroup and recharge. You are talented, ambitious, mostly-organized and a multi-tasker, but you also know when to trust someone else with tasks you no longer have time or energy for. You care about your business finances so you want help, but in a collaborative way. 

about me

I am a married mom of two teens and two fur babies, a bully and a bengal! With an entrepreneurial spirit, I enjoy the behind-the-scenes aspect of business ownership. I understand it is more than a full-time job, and I want to help YOU find that work-life blend – because let’s face it, is it ever really balanced? When I’m not working, and sometimes when I am, you can find me at the beach! If I’m not there, I’m dreaming about it. 


What I do


Bookkeeping Services

As a business owner, I know very well the long, grueling hours one can put into keeping up with all the tasks that keep a business running smoothly.  Many times we find ourselves spending too many hours on duties that, although important, we don’t enjoy. Most of us work IN the business, meaning we are mentally and physically exhausted when it’s time to work ON the business.

When you allow someone to keep your books, your books are no longer keeping you from… well, whatever it is you love to do with the spare time you had before business ownership! 


Profitability advice

What do you see when looking at your monthly, quarterly and annual reports? Are your profit margins increasing at the rate you would like? Is your revenue just paying the bills or are you able to see how your dream of business ownership is pointing you to a much deserved retirement one day?

Are your reports just a cluster of numbers? How would you like to have someone not only email your reports but help you to reach your goals that you’ve been dreaming of?

At My Virtual Bookkeeper LLC, we can offer more than just data entry and reports. We offer the peace of mind, knowing your business is going in the right direction.


Payroll Services


It’s a Wednesday afternoon, you took the week off to enjoy a beach vacation. Nothing but you, your favorite jams, the salt air and hypnotizing waves as the sun warms your skin. When all of a sudden you remember that PAYROLL IS DUE this afternoon, and you’re going to have some disappointed employees come Friday!


It’s a Wednesday afternoon, you took the week off to enjoy a beach vacation. Nothing but you, your favorite jams, and the salt air and hypnotizing waves as the sun warms your skin. And you have NOT A WORRY in the world because My Virtual Bookkeeper is taking care of it all! Your systems are in place so you’re working smarter… not harder!

Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping

Always On Time

We meet the deadlines so you don't have to.

Flat rate

Your monthly flat rate leaves you with no surprises when it comes to your budget.

Hard Working

We're doing what we love so you can stick to doing what you love.

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